Our Animals

Meet some of our sanctuary residents! 

Spotlight Animals


Layfon loves hanging out with his best buddy Tsuki


Tsuki cow loves chilling with her goat friends


Finni is our youngest alpaca in the herd


Iggy’s favorite food is dandelion greens with butternut squash


Shamus is a big fan of apples


Gilbert loves to rut up his own worms as a snack


Sotek loves baths


Squeaky proves size isn’t everything


Badger loves to ride in the tractor


Crunchy loves to climb


Pippin is king of his herd


Ramsey loves kisses on her nose

Some of our Stories

Goats and sheep

Most of our goats and sheep have been rescued from slaughter. Many of the females are often pregnant when rescued from these situations,which has led to a few births here at the sanctuary. In one such case a pregnant ewe was so malnurished that she was only able to nurse one of her two lambs, leading to one lamb needing to be bottle fed. We have dealt with many similar cases over the years and will continue to give as many animals as we can a second chance at life.


Kenny's previous owner of 35 years had passed away leaving him in need of a home. kenny had a few health issues that needed to be adressed such as, an overgrown beak and nails, a ruptured air sac, and mild malnutrition. He is now happy and healthy and recieving all of the love and cuddles his little birdy heart desires.

Patti pig

Patti pig was surrendered to us by her owner. Like many pot bellied pigs her owners had gotten her with the intention of keeping her as a house pet, however she eventually started exhibiting common pig behaviors such as rutting up floors and grass as well as nipping at peoples legs. Patti now happily lives with her pig family Gilbert and Piggy smalls ,where she can rut and play and take her favorite mud baths on sunny days.

squeaky,simon and tug

Squeaky, tug and simon came to us when their former owner passed away. The donkeys. tug and simon, were in need of an equine hospital visit for gelding and corrective hoof trimming for slippered feet. They are currently happily living together in our donkey herd.